We seek, we find, we craft travel experiences in Romania


Romania Private Tours is a small trip planning company with a big nose and a quirky attitude. We design and customise private tours of Romania from the sturdy foundation to the tiniest details. 

Based in Bucharest, we spend most of our time searching and re-searching new accommodations, fun things to do and unfamiliar places to visit. The “usual suspects” are also on the menu, but more like appetisers than main travel experiences. 

Our insider knowledge is our pride and joy. Give us a matchstick, or simply an idea, and we’ll light the fire and create the story. We make sure to include a bit of everything Romania has to offer: breathtaking sceneries, traditional customs, engaging festivals, unadulterated people and locally-grown food. 

We work with a handful of dedicated guides and “experience” artisans that will immerse you into the local traditions, history, crafts and cuisine. We handpick boutique accommodations that respect the environment, support the local community and offer unmatched levels of service.

Here, at Romania Private Tours we believe that small is beautiful, hence we specialise in creating custom itineraries for couples, families and small groups of friends who want to make the most of their time in Romania. 


Tell us when, where and how and we’ll come up with ideas and expertise to turn your rough sketch into a fine drawing. 

An organic picnic on top of a hill in Maramures, wearing traditional costumes and enjoying the live tunes of the local folk musicians. An afternoon herding sheep and living the shepherd’s life in the Carpathian Mountains. A few hours in the workshop of a master craftsman, trying your hand at pottery, wood carving, weaving or jewellery making. Food and medicinal plants foraging and learning about what we eat and how we heal. Scenic horseback or bike riding trails through legendary Transylvania. Cooking, baking and breaking bread with the most heartwarming locals.

Learning what makes Romanians Romanians and having fun in the process is what our tours are about. If you want more than just checking a new box on your travel diary, get in touch with us and let us create your unique Romanian story. 

What people say

"Each night’s accommodations were visited and hand-picked prior to our arrival. The activities and meals planned each day were better than the written itinerary could describe. The people! The people we met each day were the hidden gems. This trip allowed us to connect and converse and learn something from each person even with the language difference. Romania Private Tours delivered a private, one-of-a-kind experience that will always come to top of mind when asked about our travels".
Renee W. (USA)

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