Social dining, Romanian style!

A home-made dinner in good company

Choosing where to eat or what to do on your next adventure can be daunting. Social dining with locals, in Bucharest or anywhere else for that matter, has become a trendy affair and here’s the reason why.

Since sampling the local food and mingling with the locals are such a big part of the experience, how do you find the best of two combined?  

Easy peasy, local squeezy*! By joining a social dinner where good food, good wine, good music and likeminded people conjure up an insider experience in a casual and authentic manner. 

You, savvy foodies and culture vultures, rejoice! A three-course meal, homemade with love and sprinkled with the finest local liquors, will be your foodie challenge for the evening. Meanwhile your wits and soul will plunge blindingly into captivating conversations fuelled only by too much wine or distilled curiosity. 

Event target: happy bellies and good mood, long-lasting memories and future friends!

>> Enjoy a social dining experience sample right here <<

We’re all hunters when it comes to travel. We study well the surrounding of our next pray and we silently hope that it will beat the one that qualified as best so far. We hunt for genuine local experiences that enlighten us, touch us or teach us things we don’t find in books or on TV. And we learnt one thing, a mantra if you will: Best things happen where locals are “at home”! Join us on this social dining experience with locals in Bucharest and discover one of Romania’s countless shades.

*Squeezy: (especially of a container, in this case “the local”) flexible and able to be squeezed to force out the contents (in this case the local intel) 🙂 

  • A rich, humble cuisine which is blissfully unaware of global food trends.
  • Learn and talk about food, history, traditions and anything in between with a bunch of friendly locals.
  • After two straight horinca and a wine, the “firewalls” subside and the experience turns truly immersive.
  • We are Romanians, but you won’t find us growing fangs at the fall of night. 
  • Damn! Our social dinners are not dance parties that go on way into the night!
  • Truth be told, the hangover is not included in the price.
  • Evening experience (6pm – 9pm)
  • Run in English
  • All food and drinks included
  • Group size: min. 2, max. 6
  • Kid friendly
  • Suitable for vegetarians and gluten intolerant
  • Price: 70-90 EUR/person
  • Dinners can be topped up with the presence of an academic, local expert in your field of interest if you so prefer. Extra fees will apply.


Enjoy this experience


We can either pick you up from your hotel (if it’s centrally located) or choose a convenient meeting point downtown. Details will be send to you upon reservation.

Of course. The only thing we ask you is to contact us first to inform about any allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions. As we take them very seriously and we put much effort in accommodating them, we kindly ask you to be honest with us.  

Our tours cover no more than 3-4 km, but since they’re all bespoke and private we can adjust to your pace or use public transportation when necessary. 

Yes, all our tours are kid-friendly. We ask you to contact us first so we can discuss the details.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. For full payment and cancellation details, please read our Terms & Conditions.