Romania with kids

A 8-day suggested itinerary, starting at 210 EUR/person/day

Take your kids on a fairytale journey

Hitch your wagon to a lucky star and hop on a traditional cart drawn by a sturdy horse to take your kids on a fantastic ride across a fairytale land. 

Romania offers an endless natural playground with werewolves, fanged counts, spooks and good omens. Here, vineyards become mazes, medieval castles challenge lego sets and animal farms are the best companions ever. In this natural wonderland, kids will stretch the limits of their imagination beyond hills, valleys, mountain peaks and water slides. 

You won’t be far off. While your kids have the time of their life exploring, you’ll be relaxing in mesmerising vineyards, tasting delicious wines (responsibly), connecting with locals, enjoying unparalleled rural sights and simply taking it slow.


Itinerary map Romania

  • D1: Bucharest – Dealu Mare – The Mud Volcanoes – Organic farm on Basca Mare  (4h30 drive)
  • D2: Organic farm
  • D3: Organic farm
  • D4: Organic farm – Gura Siriului – Prejmer – Harman – Brasov (2h30 drive)
  • D5: Brasov – Rasnov – Bran (1h drive)
  • D6: Bran – Zarnesti – Bran Castle – Bran (1h30)
  • D7: Bran – Sinaia – Bucharest (3h30 drive)
  • D8: Bucharest

*Driving times don’t include stops.

Day 1: Bucharest – Dealu Mare – The Mud Volcanoes – Organic farm on Basca Mare

The beginning of your playful adventure will start with rolling hills and tumbling, muddy dwarf-volcanos. Quite a combo, right? Go ahead and mix it up by leaving the flat-lands of Bucharest for the rolling hills of Dealu Mare. Discover why this region is often compared to Bordeaux by tasting the local varieties, while your kids make the most of the grapevine-maze. Next, head to Buzau County and land on the selenary landscape of the Mud Volcanoes. Watch out, it’s a bubbly affair! With your lessons learned, end the day at an organic farm on Basca Mare, where you’ll spend three rustic days.

Day 2Organic farm

The rooter’s wake up call will let you know you’re not in urban-land anymore. The rustic landscape of the Romanian countryside will be your kids’ best playmate, with tons of natural lessons hidden around the animal sheds. Because yes, today they’ll come face to face with a dozen farm animals and learn how to care for them. In addition, various workshops will awaken their curiosity and get their fingers and mind sticky with new skills. You too can try your hand at pottery, blacksmithing, weaving, painting, woodcarving or gardening. Or not. Maybe you’ll be in the mood for some good old “doing absolutely nothing and enjoying it” while you take in the mesmerising countryside views. You deserve it.

Day 3: Around the farm

This is your last day at the farm so make the most of it by exploring the surroundings. Take your kids on an exciting hike over the hills nearby. The Romanian countryside is filled with natural lessons to pluck along the way, so together we’ll unravel curiosities about healing plants, learn how to differentiate trees and play spot-the-sheep because, yes, the meadows will be rich with herds and shepherds. Get back to the farm and relish in the fact that you have nothing – absolutely nothing – on your ‘to do’ list. Do some slow living and even dare to play.

Day 4Organic farm – Gura Siriului – Prejmer – Harman – Brasov

Say goodbye to your hosts at the farm, pack some Romanian goodies and hit the road! After a quick stop to admire the Siriu Damn, you’ll arrive in Prejmer, one of the most beautiful medieval saxon villages in Romania. Here, your kids will become knights and princesses as their gallop on the wings of their imagination through the narrow-cobbled streets. At every corner there’s a story to unfold and the thread will lead you straight to the Prejmer Fortified Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With impressive bastions, drawbridges and secret subterranean passages, this particular church will impress even your kids. Savour an absolutely fabulous meal at a restaurant nearby and enjoy the rest of the day in Brasov, Romania’s crown mountain city buzzing with urban vibes.

Day 5Brasov – Rasnov – Bran

Awaken your kids’ inner explorers on a walking tour around Brasov. Stop for an exciting story at the Black Church, and listen to its twist and turns as the sumptuous organ tunes of the biggest Gothic Church in Eastern Europe come to life. Balance the mood with a pinch – scratch that – a whole lot of excitement at the Dino Parc in Rasnov. Meet real-sized dinosaurs, take a train ride and climb to the top of the tree houses for a birds-eye view. If time allows it, make a stop at the Rasnov Fortress, where more medieval stories will challenge your kids imagination. Spend the night in your abode of choice in or around Bran.  

Day 6Bran – Zarnesti – Bran Castle – Bran

Bears, vampires and peaceful trails all in one day? While the association might sound a bit strange, in Romania it’s considered the perfect combo for a successful itinerary. Start your day at the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti and let your heart melt with the stories of the rescued bears here. Gather your courage, sharpen your fangs and pack all the garlic you can find in an attempt to meet and survive the world’s most famous – and dangerous – vampire in his own castle at Bran. Escape Count Dracula’s grip and reward yourself with a fantastic meal. Romanian’s do know their way with food. 

Day 7Bran – Sinaia – Bucharest 

Travel from Bran to Sinaia to visit a real-life fairytale castle. Feast your ears with the fascinating history of Peles Castle and your eyes with its wonderful architecture and stupendous mountain backdrop. Leave the fairytale behind and have a splash at Therme Bucharest, the biggest and most modern wellness center in this part of Europe. Is it a spa? Is it a botanical garden? Is it a watery playground? It’s everything splashed into one big portion of fun. Dive in it completely!

Day 8Bucharest

We won’t say “goodbye”, but rather “see you soon”. The kids will definitely miss the rustic playground of Romania so we hope you’ll pay us another visit. Until then, if time allows it before your flight, we’ll take a quick quintessential tour of Bucharest. You know, just to give you a taste of what to expect upon your next visit. Safe flight and keep the fun times rolling. Remember, we’re all kids at heart.


Please note that this is merely an itinerary suggestion that can be used as such or serve as an inspiration for your bespoke journey. Contact us today for an exclusive itinerary. We’ll design the experience for you from the scratch when we know the length of your trip and what sparks your interest. Culinary discoveries, plant foraging, horse-riding, biking, hiking, local events, traditional crafts, wine tastings, architecture, you name it and we’ll arrange it. We have a nice and customisable selection of activities that we’ve gathered by doing our own research, a few of them are listed right here under OPTIONAL EXTRAS.

  • Private airport transfers and transportation throughout your tour in a modern air-conditioned car
  • Professional English speaking guide – driver
  • 7 nights accommodation based on sharing room in some of the most charming boutique hotels, manor estates and traditional houses in the area
  • 7 breakfasts, 3 dinners and 2 lunches 
  • Wine tasting in a Dealu Mare winery
  • Water during the day
  • The workshops and hike at the organic farm
  • Entrance fees to the museums, parks and sites included in the itinerary
  • Flights
  • Personal shopping
  • Other beverages than those presented on the table in the included meals
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas (if required)
  • Optional extras
  • Photography fees where required

For the culture-hungry travellers who want more than just “eating” with their eyes, Romania offers a plethora of immersive activities that will enhance your experience and leave you with long-lasting memories: 

  • Bread baking or traditional cooking classes with a local
  • Dinner with a village family
  • Visit local farms and honey producers
  • Visit workshops of local craftsmen 
  • Workshops in the fine art of pottery, wood carving, beaded jewellery, weaving and traditional masks making
  • Medicinal plants, wild fruit or mushroom foraging, according to the season
  • Wine tastings
  • Panoramic picnic with organic local delicacies and seasonal produce 
  • Hiking in the scenic mountains nearby
  • Light walking in the fields and beautiful countryside
  • Horse-riding and biking 
  • Horse-drawn carts or sleigh rides
  • Romania Private Tours is all about bespoke experiences, so don’t think of this as a “prêt-à-porter” itinerary, but as a blueprint of one of the countless possibilities. To find out more, get in touch with us for a tailor-made trip based on your budget and interests 
  • Please note that all our tours of Romania are private and we may stop along the way as often as you desire, for you to visit a site, take a stunning photo or simply engage with the people of the land 
  • Group size: min.3, max.12 persons
  • Price is tentative and can vary slightly according to the number of persons and the time of the year and it starts at 210 EUR/person/day, including the services mentioned under WHAT IS INCLUDED
  • Children under 12 years old benefit of up to 50% discount on adult rates based on number and age
  • The exact rate will be quoted once the precise itinerary and the extras you would like to include are decided


Ready to reboot and recharge?


We caught the travel bug at a very young age and we were travel junkies before becoming travel professionals. We experienced the highs and lows of this “addiction” and we’ve learned what ropes to pull to spike the ups and ditch the downs. Besides, Romania is our backyard: we’ve breathed it, known it, loved it since we were born. What makes us experts is the combination of both. We put ourselves in your shoes and we use our insider knowledge to make them fit. 

You certainly can, if you have the time and you don’t mind the little imperfections. In theory, anyone can do that, just as anyone can fix something to eat to ease his hunger. But planning a fabulous trip, in perfect harmony with your time, budget, interests and expectations requires expertise, timing and time. If you’re short on any of the above and don’t want to risk blowing your trip, then hiring the right people is the best investment. 

If you’re a family (ideally smaller than Ziona Chana’s) or a group of friends, the answer is yes. Just tell us the group size and what your interests are and we’ll design a memorable journey.

To ensure a smooth and uneventful tour we’ve learned that it’s paramount to be in control of all ingredients, hotels being one of them. That being said, we will offer you several options, if available, leaving you the final call. 

Unfortunately not. All of our tours are private and tailor-made. 

Booking flights is not our area of expertise, but we can gladly advise you on the best way to get to Romania or refer you to a specialised agency.

We recommend that you seek the assistance of a qualified insurance broker in your country of residence.

Planning Your Journey Begins with a Conversation

First, we’ll discuss your needs and expectations, then provide an approximate per-person per-day cost for the journey.

Questions to Consider
  • How many people are you traveling with?
  • What are your special interests? (e.g., wildlife, trekking, visiting cultural sites)
  • What are your comfort and style requirements?
  • Are there any special considerations that might affect our planning? (e.g., financial or medical, a special celebration) etc.
Itinerary Development Fee

After our initial conversation, if you would like our team to proceed with planning your trip and creating a customised itinerary, we will require receipt of an Itinerary Development Fee of 200 euros. Because of the time and attention we put into handcrafting each journey, this fee serves as an agreement that you are dedicated to working with Romania Private Tours. This fee will be credited toward your final balance, but is not refundable should you decide to cancel.

Once we have received this fee, we can fine-tune each detail of the adventure to your heart’s content.

Itinerary Proposal

After we have received your itinerary development fee, we will propose a specific itinerary with the dates or date range based on your availability. We will be ready to discuss itinerary details and will continue to make adjustments based on your feedback. Once you have approved the proposed itinerary, we will reserve space at the chosen hotels and provide you with an exact trip cost. We can still continue to fine-tune until you’re completely comfortable with the itinerary.

Confirmation, Deposit, and Invoice

Once you have approved the itinerary and price, we will book all your arrangements with an additional per-person deposit (30% of trip cost). We will then send a detailed invoice to you.

Final Payment

Sixty (60) days before departure, the balance of the invoice is due. After we have received all payments, your final itinerary, trip briefing will be sent approximately three weeks prior to departure.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation instructions from you must be in writing (email or post) to us and will be effective on the day we receive them.

As we incur costs from the time of your booking, the following cancellation charges will be applied. Cancellation charges apply as a percentage of the total trip price, as follows:

  • Over 61 days prior to trip start date – Deposit only 
  • Between 31 – 60 days prior trip start date – 70% 
  • Less than 14 days to trip start date – 100%

For full pricing and payment details, please read our Terms & Conditions.