The Artist: A Gourmet Experience

Call us philistines, but while everyone else is hitting the gym to get back into shape and wash away the holiday soporific spirit, we stay true to ourselves and continue to follow our gut into the new decade. 

This time, it led us to one of the holiest culinary temples in town, The Artist, a place where experiments, craft and creativity are worshipped. Only if for a night, we became part of the legions of believers that only swear by chiffonade and can never be too demanding of the zest that propels a plate from edible to incredible. 

The Artist - Bucharest

Our immersive experience started with a 2-part amuse bouche that brought joy to our palate and tickled our nostrils: smoke-flavoured butter and salt flakes, which immediately made us think of a religious experience, further enhanced by delicate foie gras-filled doughs, served on a platter that diffused subtle aroma courtesy of a mysterious liquid poured over lavender twigs

Dinner at the Artist restaurant Bucharest

This sci-fi episode was followed by an array of main courses that conjured various types of meat-fish, chicken, duck, beef, octopus, paired with sole ingredients such as arugula, blue potatoes, coffee, asparagus or pralines

The Artist Restaurant in Bucharest

Fine dinning experience in Bucharest

The apotheosis of our gourmet experience was the tasty cucumber sorbet that each one of us concocted using a mortar and pestle after the chef dropped by our table to pour some liquid nitrogen over fresh basil and orange peel (we really need to get our hands on that ingredient!). Wonder if they sell it at our Mega Image store around the corner? 

The Artist Gourmet experience

We left the restaurant into the cold night, satisfied with this foodie episode which we hope to repeat come spring.

If fine dining is not your choice when discovering a new destination, then, maybe a homemade meal with a local family could satisfy both your hunger and your curiosity. Get in touch with us either way. We can gladly book you a table at The Artist for a gourmet experience or arrange for a cosy meal with a local family

by Mihai MARIN 

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