Cook and dine with a local

Because home-cooked dinners are simply the best!

So, it’s Saturday evening, we’re cooking a mean carp stew, listening to Maria Tanase, drinking a glass of wine… and chatting away. About what? Everything and nothing! Our highs and lows, the current political arena and the bulls that try to run the show, historical determinism, why we need to vaccinate our cats so damn often, where we’ve been and where we’d die to go… Life in general and our lives in particular. Cook and dine with a local is a gastro-socio-cultural experience that some may even consider therapeutical…for both body and mind.

>> A delightful article about Romanian food and culinary habits right here. Dig in! <<

Who are we? A bunch of travel aficionados, hopeless Epicureans with huge appetite and sharp curiosities, who never set foot at Cordon Bleu, but successfully fed their families with fresh local products hoping, probably in vain, to live forever and pass on their grandmas’ recipes to future generations. 

Eating well in our homes is serious business, without taking itself too seriously, of course. Cooking, especially demonstrative cooking :), has to be a convivial affair where food is merely the tasty outcome of a bonding experience on the edge of the frying pan.  

Short and sweet (or salty if you so prefer!), if you have a day in Bucharest and you want to go beyond the Palace of Parliament and mingle with the locals in a very meaningful and palatable way, pay us a visit. We’ll tell you all about the Christmas turkey that miraculously turned into a pig in our neck of the woods or how Popeye would have gobbled up nettles instead of spinach had he been Romanian!

  • An honest, raw immersion in a real, ordinary kitchen. Get the true picture of a Romanian home. 
  • History, legends, traditions, religion, politics, ingredients, products, recipes, gastronomy… Culture!
  • Enough food, chat and cheerful toasts to make you sleep like a baby
  • A cooking class run by the book by a stiff chef who thinks he knows it all.
  • Yes, you will eat and drink for 4 hours and more, but however delightful you are, we won’t be singing bawdy songs at the crack of dawn.
  • An evening easy to forget. This is a memorable gastro-social journey, for better or for worse.
  • Evening experience (5.30pm – 10pm)
  • Run in English
  • All food and drinks included
  • Group size: min. 2, max. 4
  • Kid friendly
  • Suitable for vegetarians and gluten intolerant
  • Price: 80-100 EUR/person
  • The cooking class or cooking demonstration can be lead by a reputable chef. Extra fees will apply.


Enjoy this experience


We can either pick you up from your hotel (if it’s centrally located) or choose a convenient meeting point downtown. Details will be send to you upon reservation.

Of course. The only thing we ask you is to contact us first to inform about any allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions. As we take them very seriously and we put much effort in accommodating them, we kindly ask you to be honest with us.  

Our tours cover no more than 3-4 km, but since they’re all bespoke and private we can adjust to your pace or use public transportation when necessary. 

Yes, all our tours are kid-friendly. We ask you to contact us first so we can discuss the details.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. For full payment and cancellation details, please read our Terms & Conditions.