A country that never ceases to amaze

Unconventional private tours of Romania, the land of busy bees and flowery meadows

Romania is probably the most atypical European country where nearly half of the population continues to live in the countryside, where medicinal herbs colourfully cover the plains in summer and bumble bees are still busy pollinating the fields. It’s the backdrop of your childhood memories: grannies baking doughnuts and grandpas scything the land, leaving behind the unmistakably scent of freshly cut hay. You might be coming to Romania to scout around for Dracula or witness one of the largest buildings in the world, but you will most likely leave Romania with a softer heart and a stronger hope that the lost paradise is not entirely lost and you have just experienced it.  

We design, organise and operate alternative private tours to all corners of Romania, with personal guides and local experts that will help you get the best experience ever. They will not only guide you around (y)our favourite places, but immerse you in seasonal activities that will reveal you the very essence of the Romanian culture and traditions.

These discovery trips are always different and run through the most diverse cultural geography, meeting farmers, craftsmen, winemakers and divine cooks along the way.    

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